Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cloth Diapering: The Addiction

I like lists. I make TONS of lists, fully intending on following them and having everything organized.
Then, I edit my list. Numerous times... so many times, in fact, that I end up just making a new list.

Case in Point: My CD list.
I think the strongest argument against CDing would be how easy it is to get addicted to. If I'm this bad having a boy, what would I do with a girl to put in all the frilly diapers? Somehow, my very reasonable list of a limited number of 6ish Adam-friendly BumGenius X-Smalls (AIO) + 6 kissaluvs (fitteds) + 2 doz prefolds + 6 thirstie covers has exploded to 23 Adam-friendly BGxs + 12 kissaluvs + 0 prefolds + 2 Thirsties AIOs + 5 duo wraps sz 1 + 1 zookies cover + 2 woolies that I crocheted myself + 1 suprise comic book AI2 for Corbin's nb photos.
Before prefolds, that's 40 diapers... oops. Now I'm debating on even getting the prefolds. I figure the covers are good, as they're duo wraps and will last a while. But the rest are all nb size.

No more nb diapers... no more nb diapers....

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  1. holy moly girlfriend! i thought i was bad ;) hahah...I've got 38 nb dipes (including prefolds & covers), 19 one-size pockets and 21 one size AIO

    It is an ADDICTION.