Wednesday, January 26, 2011

9 Weeks!

We had an ultrasound yesterday at 9 weeks! Our baby is starting to look like a little human and not just a blob!

And I'm getting some good bloat going on

Everything seemed to go well at the u/s. It was much less personal than the one with the RE. I only got to look at the screen for 5 seconds to see the HB. The tech told us it was measuring at 180 beats/minute. Busy little heart! <3

Friday, January 21, 2011

When does it become real?

Right now, I am nearing the 9 week mark and I still keep worrying about everything.
I feel like we're going to go in Tuesday and they're going to say "Just kidding! You don't have a baby!"
Or even worse that there isn't a heartbeat or something I don't know.... UGH.
I am not a stresser (do you believe that? It really is true). I hate being stressed. Being stressed makes me feel physically ill. However, the pregnancy and the baby are are my mind 24/7.

I hope this is another weekend that goes by quickly!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

8 weeks!

Which means 4 more weeks to get through till the end of 1st tri!

I had my first appointment with my new OB yesterday. She was nice and I liked her office a lot more than I liked my previous Dr. I got 27 vials of blood taken (ok, more like 5 or 6) and scheduled for an ultrasound next Tuesday (when I'll be 9 weeks!).

Still don't have any symptoms. My boobs are somewhat sore, but nausea has been only in passing. Of course, Dr. Baldwin reminded me that most women have morning sickness peak around 10 weeks. It'd be great if I could make it without throwing up!

One thing she did say while feeling my ute was that it felt more like it should at 6 weeks... but then she said, but you don't have an enlarged uterus. Um... ok thanks? I'm hoping it's just because it's hard to feel a uterus with all my... ahem... extra padding.

We also made our 2nd baby purchase: a 2009 GMC Sierra Texas Edition for Adam. :) He seems to be very happy.

Here's hoping I don't stress about my 9 week ultrasound too much!

P.S. - Is it normal to feel like I want to punch Adam for being a retard jerk?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Do I Have A Symptom?

I've been feeling nauseous off and on all day.
Could it be morning sickness setting in? I can't really be upset one way or the other.

Also, check out my 7w2d bloat. I'm wearing my new super comfy maternity pants :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And we got a heart beat...

I had my 2nd ultrasound today!
Adam wasn't able to come, but my sister in law came with me and I'm so glad I had someone to share the experience with.

The fetal pole (baby) was measuring 6mm. Isn't it amazing to think that we all started out that tiny and have grown to who we are today? We got to see and hear the heart beat, it was 115 beautiful beats per minute.
Dr. Roach said we're right on track, the heart beat should be between 80 and 120 bpm, so we fell perfectly in there. She also said the size of the baby was growing right on track.
I am to continue my Metformin until 2/17 (unless the OB tells me otherwise) and the progesterone suppositories until 2/3. I have graduated from the RE and am now moving on to my OB. My 1st appointment with Dr. Baldwin is next Tuesday 1/18. So excited! From there she will schedule another ultrasound :) I am definately not complaining.

And here are pictures!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Stupid Dreams & Return of the Stress

I've been in a bad mood all day.
Lately, I've been having some pretty crazy dreams, but last night was the first time I had a crazy dream that was also bad. The kind that gets stuck in your head all day and keeps replaying and makes you want to cry.
I'm stressing out again, too. We have another ultrasound on Tuesday (1/11) and I'm so worried that we won't have a heart beat. Two girls on the board that I frequent got fluttering heartbeats at 5w5d. I got a "Ooo I think I saw a flutter!" but nothing definate.

To keep my spirits up I bought a pair or maternity jeans and a cute top that were on sale at Old Navy. If I act positive, I'll start thinking positive, right?

Ugh... come on Tuesday, hurry up!

P.S. - I think this may be the only time I've ever wish for the weekend to go by quickly.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1st Ultrasound - 5w5d

Yay! We've officially got a bebe! Up until now, it's been pretty unreal. It was so amazing to see a little black spot that is our baby. 
We were able to confirm our EDD of 9/1/2010. So far, I still haven't had any symptoms or spotting. (Knock on wood)
The gestational sac was measuring 0.93 cm which is exactly where it should be for 5w5d. In the top picture you can see the yolk sac really well! This is where the baby is getting nutrients and it's circulatory system until the placenta takes over and the baby has it's own circulation.
We go back next week for another ultrasound to check for a fetal pole and heartbeat. If we see those, the rate of m/c goes down to <5%! Dr. Roach thought she saw a little flicker, but it was hard to really tell this early. I can't wait to see the appleseed (sweetpea tomorrow) next week!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! (and... paranoia at it's best)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful and happy new year's eve and that 2011 offers the best that is yet to come!

I am so excited for this year. In February we're going on a cruise, in June is our 3 year anniversary and in Sept. we'll be bringing home a baby!

I am still feeling great. No symptoms at all. So, of course, I've still been freaking out. I got my Auntie to do my betas again today and doing the math they should have been over 620.

They were over 2000!!! I am so happy : )

2010 has been a great year for us. We went on a wonderful vacation in Mexico, I bought a new car, we celebrated our 2nd anniversary, my beautiful niece, Aaliyah, was born, and we got our BFP.
In our TTC journey I got to learn so much about my body. However, and most importantly, I got to meet so many wonderful women through theBump. I love you guys and am so happy to consider you friends!

New Year Resolutions:

I am going to relax and enjoy being pregnant. Going to put away my bbt and give away my leftover OPKs to whoever needs them.

We are going to save money!

And I am going to try to be healthier.

: ) Happy New Year :)