Thursday, December 30, 2010

What is Wrong with me??

I have got to stop stressing about this pregnancy.
Lately, all I've done is worry about the fact that my only symptoms are slight cramps in the ute and barely sore boobs. Which leads me to googling. Which leads me to find all of this stuff that I know is bullshit, but then I worry about it more.

My usual mantra is, why worry or get angry if it's not going to change anything? Being stressed about this pregnancy isn't going to decide whether or not this baby sticks, it's just going to stress me out.

So why can't I stop? Ugh.

FWIW- I'm 5 weeks today, yay!


  1. :( I'm sorry Bonita. My first week was really stressful, the fears of a c/p plagued me and so did the fears of m/c. Just think of how awesome it is that you're 5 weeks! Soak in the little milestones, instead of worrying about the lack of symptoms. I was 5 weeks yesterday (looks like we're almost EDD buddies!)

    PS: this is Dana/Destined from TheBump :)

  2. Aww sweet pea! I know it is so hard to not stress, you have tried so hard to conceive this baby. It is especially hard with being on the boards and seeing people drop of your month board like flies in the beginning. Just remember lack of symptoms does not mean lack of pregnancy. Today you are pregnant and love your baby, and all you have is today. -TX