Thursday, March 10, 2011

Update (and continuation of my supposed 30 days of blogging)

Everything is good with me. Seriously, sometimes I even forget that I am pregnant. I feel fine other than being a little tired.
In a little over a week we get to find out if bebe is a boy or a girl! My gut feeling is boy, but I have always secretly hoped for a girl. Either way, I will be happy :)
We have names picked out: Corbin Heath for a boy and Olivia Paige (or Jane) for a girl. I love them both but am starting to rethink the girl name. It doesn't seem to be that popular in our area. I checked the local hospital record and there are no Olivias at least since June 2010. But I still love Olivia, Livvy and Liv :)

Our cruise last week was a lot of fun! Here is a couple of pics:

14w Picture:

Enjoying my (virgin) banana daiquri:

And Us On the Catamaran from a Shore Excursion where we went Sailing, Snorkeling and to a private beach! Sorry for the quality, it's a picture of a picture.

Here is my day 11 (Favorite TV Shows)blog, this one is easy, I'll just list the shows I take time to watch by day lol :

Sunday: True Blood, Boardwalk Empire and Big Love
Monday: House and Gossip Girl
Tuesday: Teen Mom 2 and One Born Every Minute
Wednesday: American Idol, Ghost Hunters & Real World
Thursday: American Idol again, Outsourced & Bones
and none on Friday and Saturday. It sounds like I watch a lot of tv, but I don't. Really I DVR most of them.

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