Wednesday, November 17, 2010

RE Appointment

Ok, so I'm a little late posting this, but I had my 1st RE appointment on Friday (Nov. 12th).

I am so happy and relieved that I made this appointment. I loved the office. It was very relaxed.
We got to meet with our RE (Dr. Roach), and she sat down and talked to us about my history. I explained to her that I was Dx'd in Oct. 2009 with PCOS. I've been on birth control since I was 18, and had recently stopped taking it because we didn't care if we got pregnant or not. When I hadn't had my period in 8 months, I chalked it up to stress at work, and my body getting used to not being on birth control. When I say my Gyno, Dr. Gayle, she did some blood work and Dx'd PCOS due to elevated hormones.

Dr. Roach basically explained that she was surprised that I was started on 50 mg of Clomid, since most women with PCOS need 100 mg to respond to it. She gave us two options:

1. Start injectible medications now - this WILL make me ovulate, if it doesn't, then I might have tube blockage. This greatly increases the chance of multiples.

2. Increase my Clomid to 100 mg this cycle. If it doesn't work, then increase it to 150mg. If it still doesn't work, THEN move on to injectibles.

She said at this point, an HSG to test my tubes wasn't neccessary since I'm pretty much obviously not ovulating due to my PCOS.

We then went and had an ultrasound. I loved that she pointed everything out to us. She said my uterus is a normal shape and size and that my ovaries aren't TOO bad with cysts, but that it definately confirms it.

Adam and I decided to stick with Clomid for the next two cycles, we are hoping that the increased medications are what I need. I am taking a blood test on CD 25 of next cycle to check my prog. levels. She suggested that I stop charting if it stresses me out, but I think I'd be more stress w/o charting.

One thing she said that I really, really liked and is going to be my mantra if these two cycles don't work: "Clomid is an imperfect medication. If you do not ovulate it is not your fault, it is the medicine's fault."

Overall, I feel much more hopeful than I have in the past :)


  1. Hey Bonita! This is MrsB from TB. I'm glad she gave you a plan to go on. I'm crossing everything I have that the Clomid will be all you need!

  2. YAY!! I am so glad to read you have a plan!! I'll be blog stalking you to see what happens :)