Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Past the 1/2-way point!

Last week marked the 1/2 way point for my pregnancy. Corbin has been kicking up a storm and Adam has got to feel him once. Of course, the little stinker will kick like 5 times in a row and then stop as soon as Adam puts his hand on my stomach. I can also feel him twisting or turning in there. Definately some cool sensations.
His closet is already 1/2 full with clothes between us and my MIL. I am starting to wonder if he'll ever wear EVERYTHING we bought lol

How far along are you?: 21w, 1day

How big is baby?: He weighed 12 oz last Wednesday

Weight gain/loss?: I've gained 2lbs total 

Stretch marks?: 2 tiny ones on either side of my stomach. I knew they would be coming. 

Maternity clothes?: Definately. I can wear some of my longer pre-pregnancy shirts, but am in maternity pants full time.

Sleep?: I sleep pretty well. I just have really weird dreams. 

Best moment this week?: Feeling him squirm around in there!

Food cravings?: Burger King Onion Rings and Zesty Sauce

Gender?: He's all boy!
Movement?: Definately. He moves mostly after I eat. Guess he likes his food. 

Belly button?: Seems the same to me.
Labor signs?: None
What do I miss?: Feeling rested. Guess that won't be happening again for a while :)
What I'm looking forward to this week? Nothing special planned this week :)

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